You Won’t Make It To Even The Zongo In Heaven If You Are A Womanizer -Prophet Kumchacha (Video)

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Prophet Kumchacha known in real life as Nicholas Osei has sounded a word of caution to all womanizers, saying that they won’t make it to heaven, not even the Zongo side of the promised, spiritual place, good people would go to after death.

Growing up, we’ve heard stories from some pastors about heaven having a Zongo side and we don’t know how true that is, but Kumchacha also believes in that story and has said in a radio program that, any man who is lustful will not even be considered for the Zongo side of Heaven.

According to him, such men will not make it to heaven because their lustful desires cannot be met there especially those who love to keep more than 1 girlfriend.

He indicated that such men will rather rot in the hell and be consumed by the fire because they do not look good in the sight of God.

The Prophet also added that men who masturbate do not look good in the sight of God and will also not make it to heaven.

Kumchacha seems to enjoy making controversial statements and made this one on Adom FM recently.

Watch the video below:


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