You’ll be brought back from pension to prison like Jacob Zuma – Prophet Oduro warns NPP appointees

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Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has warned appointees of the current New Patriotic Party government to be mindful of their deeds now or risk being jailed in the future using South African ex-President Jacob Zuma as a case study.

“I am telling you, let’s learn lessons from Jacob Zuma because most of you if you are not careful you will come back from pension to prison,” the popular man of God warned as quoted by

“Is this what we want? That after you have served in high reputation, fly planes, dine with Presidents and go to prison? I think I should be telling our government, let’s learn lessons from Jacob Zuma.”

On records, South African President Jacob Zuma is currently going through trials as a result of his actions and inactions while in office.

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Thus, Jacob Zuma has been facing prosecution since he exited office, over a myriad of corruption-related issues that plagued his government in South Africa.

So, during a sermon to his congregation members, Prophet Oduro entreated Ghanaian politicians and appointees of government to take a cue from Zuma’s predicaments and live beyond reproach to avoid the wrath of a merciless posterity.

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He predicted a not-too-distant future where Ghanaian youth will change the current constitution behind which politicians hide to escape retribution, and have them answer for their actions regardless of their age.

“There is a generation coming. They will change the constitution and bring most of you who are in power now from pension to prison. I am telling you they will bring all of you one by one from pension to prison.

“A generation is coming, they don’t have sympathy, they don’t care about an elder…there is a generation coming like that. The generation wouldn’t care to put an 80-year, 90-year, or 100-year-old man or woman to the pole and fire them,” warned further.

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