You’ll be kidnapped – Naija man warns his white lover who is old enough to be his granny not to visit him in Nigeria (Video)

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A love-struck older woman living abroad has been warned by her lover in Nigeria never to entertain the idea of coming over to the country to be with him.

The white woman who is old enough to be the boy’s grandmother revealed her intention to share some romantic moments with him in Nigeria but her position was fiercely opposed by her lover.

The guy told her plainly that the security situation in Nigeria is so porous and being a white person makes her an easy target for kidnappers.

The defiant woman said that she still wants to fly out to meet him and enjoy the sights of the country. She said that anybody who thinks of kidnapping her would be foolish because they would not get any money.

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The young man maintained his posture and warned her that if she eventually get kidnapped, the abductors would ask for $100,000 ransom and he does not have that type of money.


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