Young Boy’s Answer To Simple Maths Question; 0+0 to win free $100 cracks ribs on the internet (+video)

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A hilarious video of a young boy being asked to solve a simple maths question for $100 has gone viral after the young school boy failed to get the answer correct.

In the trending video, a man is seen handing over a $100 note which is equivalent to about Ghc580 to the pupil and tells him, the money would be his once he’s able to tell him the answer to the question, “0+0”

You must be thinking; “Oh this is too easy, he should get it correct” but after cracking his brain for about 15 seconds, the young boy confidently mentions 8 as his answer to the question.

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The confidence with which he mentions the answer and yet still gets it soo wrong has cracked ribs on Social media and raised the question about the kind of education some children get in this country.

Watch the video below:


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