Young Girl Marries Her Crippled Bestfriend In A Simple Wedding Style (Photos & Full Story)

A girl on Twitter with the username @PullMyy_Dreadzz has warmed the hearts of people after she decided to get married to her best friend who is crippled due to an accident he suffered in the past.

What’s even interesting is the fact that, she chose to have a very simple wedding, when she could have opted for a big wedding because the guy seems to be very rich and all.

According to her, they decided to use the money to help her go to school so she could become a nurse.

A full post on Twitter read; “So yesterday I married my best friend. We were going to have a huge wedding but decided to do something with just us . Instead of an expensive wedding we decided to use the money to put me through school to become a RN. Why invest in a moment when we can invest in our future.

Her tweet has gone viral on the internet with many wondering why she chose to settle with a cripple but according to another video.

Checking what she wrote in her Twitter bio, we’ve been wondering if she really loved the man or she was just being sarcastic, as she suggested that a man in a wheelchair can’t get time to cheat.

Her bio reads: Get You A N***a In A Wheelchair Because N***as With Legs Be Doing Too Much ”

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See the full post as posted on Twitter:



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