Young lady boldly tells woman that her husband has been chasing her, married woman gives her unexpected reply

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A young lady who was not ready to break another woman’s home as her husband has been pestering her for a sexual relationship, walked up to the woman and told her about what her husband has been doing behind her.

The lady identified on Twitter as @deshola55 revealed she went to a woman to tell her that her husband wants her to warm his bed.

However, the woman replied that ‘men would always be men’, an answer she never expected prompting her to walk away in disbelief.

She wrote; ”This married man has been pestering me for a while now and I decided to tell his wife yesterday. She said “men will be men” Never knew it was possible to make a walk of shame without having sex with someone 😩”

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See reactions to her post below;

@NwaAdaIgbo1; My dear, you did the right thing and since the wife doesn’t care, make sure you avoid the st. man. Disgrace him anytime he tries pestering you again

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@Vigourjr; What were you trying to achieve by telling the wife??

@AriEmpire_; Most married women know when their husband is cheating. Telling her was a waste of time

@DudeSiloam89; Good one babe. Very good. Sadly though, that woman would rather endure that sh*t than walk away. All the same sha, every Mallam to his kettle. Na she wear the shoe so….

@Jojoneky1; D truth of the whole thing is men can love their wives to the Moon n still cheat…Bringing conscience to play is a personal thing !!!

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