Young lady drives herself home as she tells exhausted taxi driver to take a nap in his backseat

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A young lady has done the unusual which has since attracted massive applauds from folks on the internet as she proved that it doesn’t take anything to be humane.

The young lady who is a Filipino identified as Cristiana Tan was said to have driven herself home after an elderly man who is a cab driver popped up looking exhausted.

According to reports, she was on her way home when she stop the taxi but the driver was an old man who looked tired hence opted to drive.

She asked the elderly man if she could drive her home but the man declined it saying he’s tired then Cristiana offered to drive herself home.

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The young lady gave him the chance to take a nap in the back seat but he initially refused over concerns that she may not be able to handle the manual car but she told him not to worry hence taking the driver’s seat.

The elderly man is said to have been driving since 1960 and despite being 70 years old he still work as a cab driver to cater for her family’s needs

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