Young Lady Gets Arrested For Resigning After Refusing Affair With Her Boss

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A young Nigerian lady had the shock of her life after spending some hours in a cell for the weirdest of reasons.

According to the young lady who lamented on Twitter, her boss got her arrested for resigning from her role at work.

It was not just the mere resignation from the job that infuriated the boss to get her arrested, but from her narration, the insinuation that could be seen there is that her arrest had to do with the fact that she had refused to have an affair with the boss at his request.

Apparently, the boss was on her neck to get her into bed with him but the said lady said that she had refused any such advances made at her by the boss.

When the advances became incessant for her liking, she decided to resign and the boss did not take kindly to that as she got her arrested.

The young lady, who described her arrest by her boss as one without remorse and a display of wickedness, the boss had the guts after making her stay in the cell for hours, to message her asking that she resumes work again.

“People are wicked without remorse, after arresting me and making me spend 24hours in police custody because I tendered a resignation and refused to have an affair with him, this man I worked still has the guts to message me to come back to work for him Thank God God no unGodly,” the young lady wrote on Twitter.


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