Young lady roasted on Social media for saying nurses get admitted with aggregate 36 so they shouldn’t think of strikes at all.

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One dark and beautiful young lady by the name Bertha Ntiri-Asante on Facebook has bitten more than she can chew when she decided to opine on issue of nurses going on strike to demand for better conditions of services.

In a long post made on Facebook by Bertha which has since been deleted, she argued that, nurses should be the last people who should think about going on strike because they get admitted into nursing schools with aggregates of 36 and that, most of them jump into the profession because of the employability factor.

Her post angered several nurses on the platform and it garnered more than 2,000 comments, with 80% been insults from nurses as they felt offended by her post.

Although she has deleted the post and issues an apology, several nurses and Ghanaians on Social media have not calmed down yet and are still raining insults on her person under the post where she apologised and has had over 1,600 comments.

So what exactly did Bertha write that has pissed off nurses particularly? Well see a screenshot of the post below and some of the comments under the post as captured by


Some of the reactions from Social media after her post:

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