Young Man Caught Having Seks With Goat In Nigeria

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Wonders shall never end, just we thought we have seen it all, another unbelievable and jaw dropping story drops from nowhere and hit us like a thunderbolt.

What’s the plausible explanation do you ascribe to a full grown man who leaves all the women in his neighborhood only to have sex with a goat?

That’s the story of this Nigerian man called Peter Davido who was caught having sex with a goat in an uncompleted building.

People rushed to the place when they heard the goat bleating loudly to find the unusual sight, Peter sexing the goat from behind.

Surprisingly Peter admitted the offense and said that’s not the first time he had sex with the goat.

According to witnesses, the condition of the goat was very bad as saliva kept drooling from his mouth and Peter was suspected of using charms on the animal.

Watch the video below:


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