Young man highly disappointed in his father after he wore his designer sneakers to work in the farm

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A young man from Nigeria was shocked to the marrow when he discovered that his father had worn his designer footwear to the farm to begin his daily routine there. 

He was obviously stunned that his dad did not resist the aura of his Air Jordan for a place like a farm where it will surely undergo some rigid treatment while the man goes about his farming activities which might spoil it.

He shared his predicament online by attaching a video of the moment he secretly filmed the old Gee doing his thing on the farm with his sneakers. 

The young man wrote; Why is my dad farming in my Jordans

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Meanwhile, a Kenyan lady identified as Joyce Ngugi has revealed the illicit affair she has been having with her biological father.

The story which has been shared by multiple media outlets in Kenya revealed that Joyce and her father began having the abominable relationship when she was still young as the dad abused her sexually.

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She said in an interview that she had not been able to divulge this issue to her mom and anyone else because he threatened to kill her if she ever did.

She said:

“My father slept with me for years and we have a child together. Our child is currently 8yrs old. There is nothing anyone will say to me that will convince me to love my father because he abused me from my little stage as a girl and I was scared to speak.

As we speak, my mother doesn’t talk to me; she has even blocked my number and I don’t stay in the house anymore. I still love my mother but I just pray that God will touch her heart to forgive me because I was just a child when all of these started. Read more here

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