Young man spotted eating bread and beer moments after telling his girlfriend that he can ”do anything” for her, see reactions (Video)

A young man has gone to an insane length to prove his love to his woman and it earned him a measure of trolling from the friends who saw him executing the bizarre act.

A video to this effect shows the moment a young man was sitting on the floor eating bread and beer. One of his friends could be heard saying in the background that he mentioned how he had just spoken to his girlfriend over the phone and made promises to her.

According to the friend, he told his girlfriend that he is willing to do anything just to prove his love for her, and the next minute, they saw him eating bread and Heineken beer.

Watch the video below;

In other news, a slay queen has set her priorities right in a video she shared on social media to subtly remind prospective suitors that she literally didn’t come here to play.

In the short video clip obtained, the overly vocal lady said any guy who wants to win her heart must know how to splash the cash without wincing whatsoever.

She stated unequivocally that anyone wanting to be her boyfriend must be able to shoulder all of her financial responsibilities.

She mentioned that the guy must be ready to give her money for food, transport, hair and money for everything she wants.

Boys listen up, If you want to date me, be ready to give me money for food, money for transport, money for hair, money for clothes, money for everything.

I’m not independent if you are looking for an independent woman, look somewhere else.



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