Young Nigerian Lady Gets F!red For Making Romantic Advances At Her Boss On Her First Day At Work

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My name is David, and i write with you in mind.

A lady has supposedly got herself fired on the same day she reported for work.

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Her sacking, according to an account by Twitter user, Dr. Dipo Awojide, was necessitated by her romantic advances at her boss that were found inappropriate.

The lady was, thus, given the matching orders, making her a job seeker once more having just reported for job on the first day after her employment.

That is a class act from the boss because some men won’t frown on such advances from female job seekers at all , unfortunately, as they will not pass on the opportunity to get into the pants of these young ladies.

The Twitter user who made the revelation took the opportunity to advice young people to know how to direct their romantic antics to prevent predicaments such as what the distraught lady just suffered.

Perhaps, the lady could have waited a little while to shoot her shot, if she must, rather than immediately doing It the very day she reported for work, that’s some boldness and desperation.

Below is the narration by Dr. Dipo Awojide;

How can you get fired on the first day of your job?

Why are you asking your manager if you can sit on his face? Why?

How can you go and ask your male manager “you look so cute, do I stand a chance with you?

Can I sit on your face” on the first day at your new job?

Some of you are very bold but enjoy unnecessary wahala.

Don’t you like your job? Now HR has been involved.

If you get to a new job please behave yourself.

Don’t go and be shooting unnecessary romantic shots that can get you sacked!

Perhaps what we should teach young people is how to shoot shots in the workplace if they are attracted to a colleague (mate or senior).

Not asking to sit on face on the first day which is awkward and unprofessional.”

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