Your Blood Pressure goes up anytime you reach a climax – Ophthalmologist

An Ophthalmologist identified as Dr. Charles Mensah Cofie has said that a person’s blood pressure is prone to go up anytime they reach climax.

Dr. Charles Mensah has made public some health effects of having high Blood Pressure. According to the doctor, when one’s BP goes up, it could lead to bleeding in the eyes and could have an effect on the eye.

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Dr. Charles Mensah emphasized that aside from the infection of the eyes due to the rise in blood pressure, a person can also get a stroke.

“Yes, the enjoyment is in the climax but there are people who have reached climax and they have had a stroke. Because when you reach climax, your BP goes up actually.

“So if you already have BP and your BP is not controlled then you have climax then it goes higher. And that one can lead to bleeding in the eyes and even stroke,” he said on Ghana Television.

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He continued ” Yes you have to be careful because BP leads to bleeding in the eye. I mean I watched a movie where someone had reached climax and then he passed out and that was the end of it. They could but I mean they have to, BP when you have BP you go to the hospital, and they give you medication to control it. Once it is controlled, there’s no problem”.



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