Your confession was very useless and f00lish – Archipalago blasts Kofi Adoma

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Controversial Archipalago, an entertainer and social media commentator from Ghana who lives in the US, is the latest well-known person to talk about Kofi Adomah’s marriage and extramarital affairs.

Archipalago says that Kofi Adomah’s confession was a waste of time and stupid because it should have been kept a secret for the rest of his life.

Archipalago said in a Facebook live session that Kofi Adomah acted like a child, so he no longer has any respect for him.

In the last part of his attack on Kofi Adomah, Archipalago also made fun of the radio host by saying that his wife was in charge of him because she was the one who called him to tell him to stop talking about their affair on his YouTube page.

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Kofi Adomah says nice things about his wife and admits to having children with more than one woman.

Kofi Adomah, who has won awards for his radio shows and videos on YouTube, has told his wife and the whole world that he has children with other women.

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This morning on Angel FM, the smart host talked about his wife, Miracle Adomah, and all the good things she has done for him since they met 19 years ago.

Kofi Adomah has said that his wife knows he has kids with other women, but she has never said anything bad about it and has always shown him pure love.

Kofi Adomah talked about the early years of his relationship with his wife. He said that his wife’s father, who was in the military, swore that he would never let him marry his daughter.

This happened after he got pregnant with Mrs. Miracle Adomah, who was only a teenager at the time and didn’t know much about love.


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