“Your Girl Will Never Believe You Like Her If You Don’t Give Her Money” –Naira Marley Asserts

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The Nigerian singer, Naira Marley has asserted that a woman will never believe a man likes her if the man does not give her money.

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Money has become somewhat the standard of measurement of one’s love for another in that a man’s inability to give his woman money means that he doesn’t love her.

That is sadly how it seems because when a woman asks her man for money and he is unable to give her, she tends to think that she is not liked by the man.

Though some don’t care because the can feel that their men genuinely care for them, to some it simply shows the man doesn’t care if he doesn’t spend the money on her.

Singer Naira Marley appears to have subscribed to the notion that if a man doesn’t give his woman money, it shows he doesn’t love her.

He made the assertion on social media where he quizzed on Twitter;

How is she meant to believe you like her if you don’t give her money?”

Naira Marley is certainly making a case for guys to splash the cash on their girls, else they won’t believe they are loved, cared for, and valued.

Naira Marley’s assertion will most likely be refuted by girls who don’t measure they guys’ love for them because they give them money.

See screenshot of his post below;

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