Your husband deserves to go in for a sidechic if you can’t wake up at dawn to cook – Man tells wives

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A man has given an instance when it because highly unavoidable for a man to go in for a sidechic.

According to him, the actions of his wife towards him largely determines his decision to go out there and get himself someone who will be ready to respond to his beck and call.

Victor Proff says women need to get ready to see their husbands go for sidechics when they find it hard to wake up at dawn (4 am) to prepare food.

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He asserted that ladies who exhibit this kind of character risk the intrusion of a side chick in their marriage sooner than later.

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In his words:

“Any Wife who doesn’t wake up around 4am prepare the husband for work, is ready to battle with side chick.”

See the post below:

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