Your indecent dressing on social media is not helping the cause of the FixTheCountry campaign – Victoria Lebene subtly jabs Efia Odo

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Actress Victoria Lebene has thrown a subtle jab at her fellow actress, Efia Odo over her dressing which she says is not the standard to join the FixTheCountry campaign.

Lebene who is now presenting herself as a paragon of decency is sending a word of advice to the youth to dress well in public and on social media to promote the sanity of the Fix The Country campaign.

In a post on Instagram advocating for decency in fighting for the FixTheCountry cause, Lebene mentioned that lending your voice to support the campaign should also go with dressing decently to suit what the cause is all about.

“Don’t say fix and not fix yourself! Change starts with us the youths. The old folks will leave, and when we hold the fort, we will account to everything we do!. COURSE- Means the Direction, Route, Way, the journey! read and research on things before your comment. THANKS!,” she boldly wrote.

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