‘Your life will be miserable if you travel to France or Europe without qualification’ – French Ambassador warns GH youth

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According to Anne-Sophie Ave, the French Ambassador to Ghana, it is preferable to earn a life in Ghana rather than migrate outside the nation in search of greener pastures.

In her perspective, there are no better pastures for anybody who wishes to visit France or any other European nation.

“There are no better pastures in France or Europe, in my opinion.” Unless you already have a job or a firm that will recruit you because you have a certain talent that is necessary,” she said on Wednesday, July 20 on 3FM Drive.

According to Madam Anne-Sophie, travelling illegally to France with no expertise, credentials, or relatives residing in the nation might lead to an unhappy existence.

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“Going to France illegally, claiming to be a tourist and attempting to immigrate will make your life unpleasant,” she said.

The ambassador admitted that, although life in Ghana might be challenging, there are friends and family to whom one can turn for refuge or assistance, but the same cannot be true in a foreign place.

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