Your prayers saved me from death, I will come and see you at the right time- Fameye tells Nigel Gaisie after he revealed he has snubbed him

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Fameye has pledged to meet prophet Nigel Gaisie at the right time after his prophecies about his life and professional career came to pass.

Essentially, he made the comment after the controversial man of God revealed that the singer has snubbed him after his prophetic revelation about him saw the light of the day.

Nigel Gaisie had taken to his Facebook page to express disappointment in Fameye by writing;

“I prayed for him to be big by the mercies of God, coming back to say thank you, Jesus, bless you a prophet of God is even a problem. It’s your birthday, I pray for you in that you will give God his due and appropriate people who as it were, helped you on your way of becoming who you are now; Fameye…PNG.”

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Responding to his claim, Fameye in an interview on Culture Daily on 3 Music, admitted to visiting the prophet’s church with the hope of a big break in his music career.

He said that the prophet of God foretold an advancement in his career, but added that he would shortly pass away. Fameye revealed that he was consequently troubled by this revelation, which caused him to discontinue his relationships with all of his girlfriends out of fear for his own life.

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According to the singer, Nigel even provided him with the date on which the unfortunate incident would occur.

“I want to comment on Nigel’s case. Yes, I indeed visited his church and he prophesied to me about my death. I don’t want to give details but he said I was going to die and added that I was going to blow. I was visiting other churches because I wanted God to cause an elevation in my music career.

After his death prophesies, my soul nearly left my body. I even broke up with all my girlfriends. I had about three women at the time. The prophet even gave me the date I was going to die. Recently I was in America when he tweeted that I have been ungrateful to him after his prophecy about me came to pass,” he explained.

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He thus acknowledged the prophet’s huge role in his life and promised to make it up to him in due time to show his appreciation to him.

“I want to use this medium and inform you that I haven’t forgotten about you, I will come to see you at the right time. What you said has come to pass but I know that your prayers also averted the death you saw. There is no bad blood, God bless you,” Fameye added.



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