Your song could not hit after all the hype I gave you- A Plus jabs Feli Nuna again, calls her lesbian, drops more filla about her

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A Plus has relaunched an attack on Feli Nuna and to all those who thought the initial feud was manufactured to promote Nuna’s new song, this new development will alter your perception.

The anti-corruption campaigner whose stock in trade is to fight everyone indiscriminately with or without any provocation has called the singer a lesbian.

He slammed her for not capitalizing on the hype he gave her from the beginning. This was after the songstress justified the insults she hurled at him for embarrassing her on live TV.

She said A Plus deserved every iota of the insults aimed at him and won’t retract or apologise to him.

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In effect, A Plus sharpened his teeth and tore her into shreds saying;

He wrote on his page, “Your song could not hit after everything I did for you on UTV. Stiiiill even your mother doesn’t know that you have a new song. Ungrateful girl 😂😂😂😂😂Madam, your problem is spiritual. Stop running desperately from media house to media house. You should be in a prayer camp casting out demons from your life by now.

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I’m only posting this to see if I can help you trend. You can also respond. Maybe so 2 by 4 media houses will start talking about you. Ayigbe ni baa kamakama, wo se me yɛ lesbian, me san wɔ boy, me san yɛ feminist.

Ah!! Kyerɛ sɛ wo diɛ, anything goes. Nia wo hiaa ne sɛ wo ho aba!! Wayaase yɛ wo frimfrimfrim sɛ Ekumfi Juice 😂😂😂 Bɔi. If you no hit after this post dia me I no know what I go fit do for you again ooo. Unless you commot that three three cedis towel from your head and walk “naket”. 😅A man is a man!! A man and a woman are not the same in anything. Any woman who does not respect men is in a fight with me. Mempɛ gay, mempɛ lesbian. Mempɛ feminists. 😡😡😡😡😡“


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