“Your Spiritual Antenna Must Be Activated When Looking For A Life Partner” – Anita Joseph

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Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has disclosed her spirituality part today and has urged ladies to be spiritually strong when looking for a husband, not the lavish lifestyle.

Anita advised her fellow ladies to be spiritually strong when searching for a life partner as ladies need to be powerful in the soul realm to conquer all attacks for both herself and the partner and not only looking out for wealth.

Taking to the gram she expressed that when a lady eliminate Cubana money, well-furnished houses, machines in the driveway as the vital reason for choosing a husband, you will realize a lot of potential husbands knocking on your door.

She added that as a lady if you’re able to clear the lavish part from your mind you will get to know a lot of potential husbands around you but most ladies won’t heed to this advice but will continue to look for husbands with the materialistic mindset.

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Anita Joseph also gave out an important point saying one should be spiritually awake to avoid settling down with the wrong partner or to regret a lifetime.

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