Your wife or side chic can’t have this body – Abena Korkor tells A-Plus subtly

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Abena Korkor is back engaging in her favorite pastime as she makes innuendoes and shakes wobbly tables.

In a new post she shared accompanied by a photo emphasizing her banging body, the media personality and mental health advocate aimed what looks like subtle shade at A-Plus.

She said his wife or side chic might never get this kind of body which A-PLus has termed improper fraction some time ago.

Korkor wrote: “Your wife or sidechick can never have this half time nose and improper fraction body,”

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A-Plus has come for Abena Korkor in a new post fraught with dirty secrets in furtherance of the prevailing animosity that exists between them.

Although they recently patched up their differences after they went head to head with war of words a few months ago, Korkor recently threw down the gauntlet when she bundled A-Plus in her latest attack she launched at Serwaa Amihere and GHOne’s Abena Loud while labelling the duo as ‘corporate ashawo.’

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Amongst other things, A Plus revealed in this post how Korkor distributes her vajay on credit and acts all emotionally despite claiming she is a bipolar patient.

He wrote in parts, “@missabenakorkor you no craze pass anybody. You remember that guy you lied to that you had misplaced your house key so he should get you a place to spend the night and he took you to Marriott Hotel?

That was the very first day you saw him. Abi he go diet your distin? Why haven’t you mentioned his name? Didn’t you blackmail him to buy you 3 air-conditions? Wo de do tw* ayɛ fix deposit na wo didi ho. Wasua adwuma pa.


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