Your Woman Wants These Seven(7) Things In Bed But Won’t Tell You

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Sometimes, you just need that little experience to have a great time with your woman. We used to think that when a woman shows lots of passion during seks then she is a bad woman or perhaps is cutting it outside.

But a man who thinks that way is wrong, women just like men also love sekz and want to show they do. But then again, not every woman feels entirely comfortable expressing her seksual desires, parlty because of what her husband will think of her.

Some women fear judgment, others are more guarded, and still others are asking in less obvious ways that often go unnoticed.

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Today, On, we bring you the 7 things your woman wants but will not tell you to do it. You need to know this and apply it in your sekzual life.

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1. Be Aggressive

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Just about every woman wants her man to be aggressive when it comes to sex and they look forward to it often but may not be able to open up to their husband.

We are not saying you should go home and smack up your woman all in the name of being aggressive: what sexual aggression means is adding a little bit of roughness when you are under the sheets.

Make love to her in such raunchy and kinky ways you see in porn movies. Most women are tired of being that precious lady in the bedroom. Some are even tired of the regular love making and would fancy you having sex with them, being ravished like a prostitute once in a while. A lot of women are quite enthusiastic about aggressive sex. So why not roughen things up a bit for her?

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