You’re free to criticize parliament – Speaker urges Ghanaians

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The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has advised Ghanaians to feel free to criticise Parliament when the need arises.

According to the Speaker of 8th Parliament of the Fourth Republic, taking a critical look at situations in parliament before passing judgemental comments is what is expected of Ghanaians and not the other way round.

He urged the general public to make sure they understand the issues at hand before targeting legislators.

He said this during a thanksgiving mass in his hometown Sombo in the Upper West Region to commemorate his election as the Speaker.

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“Criticism is good… so feel free to criticise when the need arises but do so by first seeking to understand the issues at stake and the developments in relation to them,” he said.

This is the first time in Ghana’s history that a candidate from the opposition party has been elected Speaker of Parliament.

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Mr. Bagbin also noted that Parliament aims to tackle issues of inequality, ethnicity, unemployment, debt overhang, deprivation, instability within the sub-region, global problems of isolationism, civil strife, discrimination and migration.


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