“You’re Not Accursed If You Don’t Pay Tithe; Don’t Let That Affect Your Faith”-Reno Omokri Tells Christians

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Paying of tithe by chuch members is one thing that pastors take seriously when it comes to church activities these days.

Often, some of them make pronouncements that point to the direction that refusal to pay tithe makes God’s blessings, by a distance, far away from they that don’t pay their tithe.

Oftentimes when a person doesn’t have their tithes, going to church becomes a problem for them because it is made to look as if they that don’t pay their tithe just came to church for nothing, unfortunately.

There has been and will always be discourses about whether refusal or inability to pay one’s tithe makes them less of a Christian and missing out on God’s blessings as some pastors will have us believe or not.

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Accordingly, the award-winning Nigerian author Reno Omokri has sent word out there that it is far from the truth that one is cursed when they don’t pay their tithe.

To him, one should not allow such thought to affect their faith as God has blessed them already.

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Reno Omokri added that since God has blessed us already, no one has that capability to curse us.

For him, there is only one thing that can bring financial curse to the individual and that he believes is lazziness.

Here’s what Reno Omokri wrote on his official Twitter account;

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“You are NOT under a curse if you dont tithe. Dont let that affect your faith. God has blessed you. He whom God has blessed, no man can curse. The only thing that can put a financial curse on you is laziness. Work hard and smart and you will prosper.”

See below, his tweet;


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