“You’re not as good-looking as your father, I have fallen for him” – Wife gives shocking reason as she ends marriage to husband

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A promising marriage came to an unfortunate end because the woman had developed lustful desires for her husband’s father.

The man narrating his story revealed that his wife served him with a divorce notice because she had fallen in love with his father who is more good looking than he is.

In a long writeup, the confused man could not understand how and why his wife would leave the marriage because she has “fallen for” his father on the basis that he is more handsome.

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We married in December 2013 and moved into our home on the ground floor with my parents. My father, a retired army officer, was well-known for his charming personality.

He was overjoyed that I was finally married. I was a photographer, and my job required a lot of travel, so I was opposed to marriage.

But there came a point when the pressure became too much for me to bear, and I had to give in. But everything changed when my wife fell in love with my handsome father.

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My wife has been asking me questions since the day we married, such as why I didn’t have a bigger car, why I didn’t settle abroad, why I don’t earn enough, and the question that struck me the most, “Why aren’t you as good looking and handsome as your father?”

“I don’t know, it’s not in my hands,” I replied. However, the comparisons grew stronger over time, until one day she asked, ‘Does your dad still have sex?’ (My father was 70 at the time) and “Your father must have noticed by now that I am on my periods.” I thought it was odd that she kept thinking about Dad all the time.

I couldn’t understand at first and assumed these were general questions, but as the months passed, things became clearer.

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She began following my father, wondering where he was going and why he was going. She would plan her day around my father’s routine. This started to bother me.

She would find ways to talk to my father, leave conversations mid-sentence to stare at him, find a way to sit with my father and be around him all the time when he was home…all of this was closely observed by my mother and me.

My mother tried to stop her and tell her to stay away from Dad, to which she responded, “Mom, you are backward.”

When I objected, she retorted, “You’re suspicious!” That was when I realized she was a cunning, chronic flirt who was manipulating everyone.

My father was unconcerned about any of this. I wasn’t sure if he realized what his daughter-in-law was up to because it was all so subtle!

Now I’m deciding whether or not to divorce her. I discussed it with my mother, but she insisted on saving the marriage for the sake of society and relatives.

So I decided to give it one more try for six months and informed my wife that she was going too far. “You are now too suspicious,” she replied. As if my mother and I were insane and couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

When nothing worked and her one-sided crush on my father grew stronger, she began to feel suffocated, bitter and dejected if she couldn’t find Dad or hear his voice for a day. She was madly in love with my father!

Out of sheer frustration, I began visiting my ex-girlfriends and became physically involved with them. I became a wayward man, began drinking heavily, frequented escorts, and eventually lost my photography clients.

My wife also tried to hit on my father. One day, he expressed his displeasure by asking me to accompany her to the first floor. I knew this wasn’t a viable option, but I agreed. We moved in a month, but she kept finding ways to get downstairs and continue her destructive ways.

Our fights became more frequent, and one day I slapped and hit her, prompting her to threaten to file a domestic violence FIR. I told her she was acting like a wild woman! But she claims to be the ideal woman.

One day, while I was sitting on the couch overlooking the front door, she suddenly approached me, kissed me tightly, and began getting intimate with me.

I couldn’t understand this because we weren’t speaking, and I suspected her intentions! I was surprised to hear my father’s voice from behind me.

She knew Dad was coming, and she was doing everything she could to put us in an intimate situation!

And then I said, “That’s it.” I filed for divorce the next day, and she falsely accused me of dowry and domestic violence.

But, after four years, I was divorced, and I am now a happy man. I don’t want to marry again. During my 1.5-year marriage, I became a bitter man who fought with my parents, sister, friends, and clients, straining my relationships with them.

My work suffered, and I lost so much money that it will take me a year to recover. I’ve given up on marriage.



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