You’re not fit to marry if you live in the same house with your parents – Lady tells men

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One of the major societal pressures on most women above the age of 18 is the need to get married. The most common question such ladies face on daily basis is “So when are you getting married”?

Marriage seems to be the hallmark of being regarded as a “respectable woman”. Even though several feminists across the globe have been constantly trying to educate the public on the need to see women beyond wives and baby-making machines, it doesn’t seem to click.

So from the look of things, marriage has become a necessity in our world today, therefore, it’s no surprise that the ceremony is happening on every corner on weekends.

And now, a critical thinking lady has dished out discerning advice to young men who desire to settle down as far as marriage is concerned.

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According to the lady who was interviewed by Pascal TV crew, a man is not fit to marry if he continues to live in the same house with his parents for obvious reasons.

To her, a man who is serious about marriage should have what it takes to rent an apartment and live in than to stay with his parents.

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