Youtuber, Jack Doherty’s bodyguard knocks out a man at Halloween party

knocks out (KOs) do not happen only in boxing, WWE, and the MMA after all. Jack Doherty’s bodyguard apparently gave credence to this fact as he “knocked out” a man at a Halloween party.

The incident has received a lot of attention. While others want to learn about the details, others cannot just fathom why Jack Doherty’s bodyguard would do that. What was the man’s crime to deserve a knock from the bodyguard in that manner?

Who Is Jack Doherty?

Although Jack Doherty’s bodyguard is at the center of all of this, he is only being given this kind of attention because of the influence of the YouTuber. So, who is Jack Doherty?

American social media influencer and YouTuber Jack Doherty has achieved exceptional success in his area. October 8, 2003, was his American birthday. Anna Doherty and Mark Doherty are his parents.

Jack Doherty is of Polish and Irish descent. He has a brother named Michael and a sister named Joanna. Doherty completed his education at North Shore High School in 2021. Despite his notoriety on social media, he continued to attend public school.

On July 15, 2016, Doherty launched his own YouTube channel under that name. He uploaded his debut video to the channel in September under the headline “MARKER FLIP TWICE IN A ROW!!!” He uploaded a video to YouTube in January 2017 and it quickly became his most watched video.

A collection of his haphazard flipping films of objects including crayons, pens, and water bottles is called “I FLIPPED ALL OF THESE!!” As of right now, this video has over 341,000 likes and more than 28.8 million views.

He reached the million subscribers mark on YouTube in January 2018. Doherty’s YouTube channel is really popular. He now has more than 570 million views on his channel and 3.3 million YouTube followers. In addition, Doherty has a thriving TikTok and Instagram presence with a huge following.

With his following and influence, it is not difficult to understand why Jack Doherty’s bodyguard is receiving a lot of attention because of his actions.

Jack Doherty’s Bodyguard Knock Out

Jack Doherty’s bodyguard was not out there to play during what could be described as a Halloween party as he knocked a man out after there was an altercation between his client and a group of people.

Also around during the altercation between Jack Doherty and the people was fellow YouTuber Corinna Kopf. It appeared that Jack got into a heated argument with some guys also hanging out with Corinna and her group at the party. They were arguing back and forth for some time when Jack Doherty’s bodyguard showed up.

When he finally met one of the guys Jack was arguing with, they started talking to each other, which ultimately led to the security man knocking the guy out.

The victim of the punch, who was much smaller than the bodyguard, fell to the ground immediately, and his friends—Corinna among them—begged the assailant to stop, asking why he did what he did. In defense of himself, the bodyguard stepped, uttering a few words to them.

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