Yul Edochie Says You’re Not Entitled To People’s Help But Rather The One You’ve Worked For

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Yul Edochie Says You're Not Entitled To People's Help But Rather The One You've Worked For

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has dished out a piece of advice to people who beg but are arrogant.

Arrogant beggers always feel entitled to people’s help but the actor has revealed that they should learn how to add ‘please’ to their speeches when begging.

According to him, you are only entitled to what you’ve worked for and nobody owes you anything therefore it’s the person’s will to either help or not.

Yul Edochie emphasized that no one should ever say “I know you can do it for me” because you know nothing about other’s lives so forget about what you see on social media to conclude if someone can help you or not.

He stated that after someone showing you what he or she wants the world to see on social media the rest means he doesn’t want you to see hence you can never say you’re entitled to people’s help

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