Yul Edochie To Aspiring Musicians: “Don’t Beg For Money To Record Songs, Go to Bars And Perform For Free, People Will Spray Money On You”

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Rather than go around begging for money to record their songs, Yul Edochie advises aspiring or up and coming musicians to go to bars, hotels and restaurants and beg to perform for free and if they are really good at it, people will spray money on them and their careers will take off from there.

According to the Nollywood actor, the power to lift lies with the individual and he certainly thinks that using this approach when you are just starting out is one that will help you a lot.

It is quite difficult to tell if these up and coming musicians will be willing to heed this advice from Yul Edochie, but that in itself is a way of selling one’s self because therein, in the hotels and bars, are different kinds of people, some with the eye to spot talent and so someone can just pick you up there and groom you to become the best.

Some would rather go about asking for money to record their own songs and after recording, promoting the songs often becomes difficult, some get frustrated along the way and then they quit, making their supposed talents go waste.

Yul Edochie believes that when any aspiring musician does this and they are good enough, the customers there will surely love and spray a few currencies on them and they could start their careers from there.

“If you’re an aspiring musician don’t just sit & beg money to record your songs, go to bars & hotels & plead with them to perform for FREE.

If you’re good, customers will surely love you & spray money on you.

And the career takes off from there. The power to lift you lies in you,” he wrote.

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