Yung6ix Affirms Health Is Wealth Statement, Claims He Spent 6M Naira In Less Than A Week’s Stay In The Hospital

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The Nigerian hip hop artiste Onome Onokohwomo with the stage name Yung6ix has said that is it true what they say about health being wealth.

According to Yung6ix, if a man is not of good standing financially, a health challenge can just drain their pockets and leave them with absolutely nothing.

He said this after claiming that he had spent close to six million Naira treating himself at the hospital, being at the health facility for less than a week.

Yung6ix added that the experience has humbled him and has given him a different perspective to life, adding that it gave him the chance to look at his own life from a different perspective.

“I won’t lie that hospital bed helped my perspective as a human being, it gave me a chance to look at the life of Onome”Yung6ix” from a different view.

My hospital bills from few months ago is almost 6 million naira and I stayed in the hospital for less than a week.

Indeed health is wealth cux those bills can drain a man who isn’t on his two feet. New music out next month,” Yung6ix wrote.

Health is not something to be joked with, as without good health nothing seem possible for a man.

Unfortunately, most of us wait to be struck down by an illness before we start doing something about our health.

We should make it a routine to check ourselves up for any health challenges to prevent us from being struck down and spending days treating ourselves and spending huge sums of money.

See Yung6ix’s tweet below;

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