Yvonne, Marry & Let Your Nice Body Be Enjoyed By A Man-Counsellor Luterodtt Tells Yvonne Okoro (Video)

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Counsellor Lutterodt was in the studios of Yvonne Okoro’s cooking show ‘Cooks & Braggarts’ to compete with Counselor Adum Ataa and in one of the conversations they had, the maverick Counsellor, asked Yvonne Okoro to get married because she was aging.

They were talking about unhappy women in marriages and what such people needed to do when they find themselves in such situations when the issue of Yvonne Okoro getting married came up.

Counselor Luterrodt told Yvonne Okoro that she should get married as she was growing and that soon, she would be in the state of ‘MFS’ (Ma Fa Nu Saa–That’s a popular jargon used by counsellor Luterodtt to describe the state of a woman who after not getting a man to marry, remains in a situation where whichever man comes her way, she would give in to).

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He said “Yvonne marry, marry, look at your nice body which is not being enjoyed by a man. Don’t waste your time just marry because when you cross and get to MFS you will regret”.

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Yvonne who took it cool, told him, she would certainly get married when the moment comes and that she was waiting on God’s time.

Watch the video below:

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