Moment Yvonne Nelson gave her sizeable backside to Majid Michel to do his own thing in new video

Ahead of Yvonne Nelson’s new movie FiftyFifty which claims will be the catalyst that would revive the movie industry, the thespian and filmmaker has shared a new video meant to hype the movie.

Beyond that, Yvonne who has an incredible rapport with Majid Michel who also featured in the movie, was spotted goofing and engaging in playful antics with him, the video of which has lighted up the internet.

While basking in the euphoria of the moment, Yvonne offered her sizable backside to him seductively as the two of them exhibit some sleek Michael Jackson moves and this has excited fans of the actress on her Instagram page.

In a related development, budding actor Anthony Woode has comically revealed how he prepared himself well before he could plant his lips on that of Yvonne Nelson while on the set of the movie Fifty Fifty.

Woode while shedding light on his funny encounter with the veteran thespian, said when he realized the script demanded that he had to kiss Yvonne Nelson, he brushed severally to ‘square up’ the challenge.

The handsome actor made this disclosure on Plus FM.


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