Yvonne Nelson Finally Figures out Why You Think She Bleaches!

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Come on Yvonne Nelson does not really bleach It’s what good money makes you look like.  Yes, why are people always on her nerves. Yvonne Nelson has made it clear several times that she does not bleach, but that just happens to be something most Ghanaian do not want to believe.

This time, in an interview with Joycelyn Dumas on her show At Home With Joycelyn, the Single and Married producer refuted the claim again on the show that she does not bleach and would never bleach and it’s bad people think she bleaches when they even hardly know her.

I would never bleach my skin. I guess it is the cocoa butter filter on Instagram I use, because anytime I post a picture, I use my cocoa butter filter. I always edit my pictures before I post them, so they look lighter, said Yvonne.

Watch the video yourself below:

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Joycelyn doing the bleaching test to prove

Yeah right, Yvonne please stop using the cocoa butter filters.


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