Yvonne Nelson ‘Fingered’ Two Bloggers For Throwing An Innocent Question At Her Prince Charming


If a list of the most controversial actresses was drawn any day, certainly, A-List actress Yvonne Nelson will always come up in that list.

At Kafui Danku’s press conference last Friday, 10th July, 2015, Yvonne Nelson who was part of the cast and will play the lead role for the new movie which is about to be shot, “Any Other Monday” almost marred the press conference for her own lack of simple understanding.

During the question time with the media, one blogger known as Chuks Ineh asked, if Kunle Remi  one of the actors who would be in the movie from Nigeria had work permit to feature in the movie. Just before, the gentleman could even finish asking the question, our beautiful Yvonne interfered and everyone thought she was about to give a perfect answer only for her to say that, that question does not make sense, so the gentleman should re-frame it.

She went ahead to say that, the question was a deliberate one from the blogger in a bid to corner,the Nigerian actor Kunle Remi. After she had said that, one other gentleman who was at the press conference felt, Yvonne Nelson was been harsh and also added his voice asking why Yvonne was rubbishing his colleague’s question as the  issue of the work permit was a directive from Film Producers Association Of Ghana.

As if that statement, ignited the anger DNA in Yvonne Nelson. She said in an angry tone “Why that? You are Yemi right? I know you hate me, you are always writing negative stories about me

I appeared Yvonne Nelson had a personal problem with Yemi and even when her colleagues intervened and asked her to calm down, she still insisted she should be allowed to talk her mind, for some Ghanaian journalists like to feed the public with negative stories.

What surprised us was that, the gentleman who should be offended was not, but was rather calm about it. Pascal Amanfo intervened explaining to the media that, they now have that understanding with the Nigerian people and that the authorities in several African countries have no problem with that, so it’s become like a mutual understanding.

Kunle in that green shirt and Yvonne nelson..
Kunle in that green shirt and Yvonne nelson..

It was then that Yvonne Nelson realised she had messed up and also added that each time she goes to Nigeria, the authorities don’t ask her for any work permit and are fully aware she’s just there to shoot movies.

Perhaps Yvonne Nelson couldn’t resist Kunle’s Charms and wanted to make him know, she’s that strong woman who can defend her man-Kunle should give it a try, Yvonne is already tripping for him.

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