Did Yvonne Nelson Just Reply Nana Akua By Saying She Has A Shallow Mind?

Yvonne Nelson has been lamenting about the deteriorating nature of the Ghanaian Film Industry on Twitter hours after the 3rd edition of the Golden Movie Awards were held. In her series of tweets, she sent out, she took a jab at her colleagues who slayed on the red carpets.

From what we can infer, she would prefer her colleagues to come together and find a cure for the ailing health of the movie industry.

It however appeared that her tweets, pierced the slay queen Nana Akua Addo, who wouldn’t miss an opportunity to wear expensive clothes to attend events.

Nana Akua in a post on Instagram jabbed Yvonne Nelson by asking her to consider running with her ‘Long Legs’ if she feels SLAYING is not her thing.

A portion of Nana Akua’s post on Instagram reads “The industry is for the TALENT. TALENT will keep you relevant in the industry long LEGS may get weak with time”

You might want to read the full story here incase you missed it  Slay Queen Nana Akua Addo Just ‘Slapped’ Yvonne Nelson In The Ugliest Way.

Yvonne Nelson seems to have seem her post and in a subtle diss to Nana Akua Addo, she wrote on her Twitter page; “Like I said in my tweets earlier……the shallow minds won’t get it”

Ha! Over to you Nana Akua Addo, Yvonne says you have a shallow MIND. In other words, you are not capable of thinking seriously.

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Written By Chris Handler

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