WATCH VIDEO-Yvonne Nelson Reveals Her Sex-Life Secret.

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It might sound somewhat awkward, but it is soo true. Yes, Yvonne Nelson has revealed to John Dumelo that, she’s not had sex since January. It is still not clear why she disclosed that to John Dumelo, when he asked him during a break at a location where they shooting some new movie directed by Frank Rajah. Sources close to disclose however that, the two celebrities were chatting during a break on the movie, and the question of sex popped out. John is said to have asked her the last time she had sex. Well, we know for a fact that, these two are very good friends, and so it was normal for John to ask such a question. Yvonne disclosed with full enthusiasm that she’s not had sex since January. The video in which Yvonne  Nelson made that revelation to John was posted on John Dumelo’s facebook page. At least, we can say, she had some sex last year December, but with whom?  We will find out and let you in on this gist.


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