Yvonne Nelson Seeks Signatures To Petition Government Over ‘dying movie industry’

A list actress Yvonne Nelson is very passionate about film making and the entertainment industry as a whole. She’s one of the few celebrities who have shown a spirit of great patriotism in this country—She would forever remembered for her ‘DumsorMustStop’ initiative.

Yvonne Nelson is worried again. Yes, she’s worried about the ailing health of our movie industry and she wants to do something about it, but then she knows, she can’t do it all alone, so she’s calling on all stakeholders in the movie industry to help in breathing some life into the movie industry many have described as ‘dead’

The producers are not producing anymore because they don’t make the needed profits and most at times, they even run at a loss. We see new ones coming in every now and then but after producing 2-3 movies, and realise how bad the situation is they also stop producing.

When was the last time, you heard Shirley premiere a movie and it was a hit? The last movie she premiered, ‘Grey Dawn’ performed poorly at the box office.

Even Yvonne’s last movie “If Tomorrow Never Comes” performed poorly at the box office, with just a handful of people turning up at the premiere. She even had to do a major premiere again but it also failed to pull the crowd, like her past movies had done.

Shirley and Yvonne Nelson are not the only ones, who have had bad movie premieres recently–There are more!

It’s very worrying that, our movie industry is failing to grow but rather deteriorating and as an entertainment blogger, I can understand  Yvonne Nelson and fully support her on this one.

In regards to the factors, that has led to the current state of our movie industry, I would try and touch on them in another article.

For now, we need to take a critical look at what Yvonne is saying—If our movie industry crushes, talents would be crushed as well.

It’s a good initiative and I would ask any stakeholder involved to help her sign this petition–Whether you are an actor, a camera man, editor, Sound Operator or even a movie love, make it a point to sign this petition.

Unfortunately, the petition to be signed is currently in hard copies, and Ghbase.com and some others have asked her to create the petition online at change.org or any of the many other sites, so we can get more and more people signing the petition.

See her post from Instagram below: