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When i came across this on Yvonne Okoro’s instagram page, i must say i was very elated.Gradually i feel my country is also getting there. With advancements in technology and movie producers looking for new ways to swerve the evil deeds of pirators, this new move of Yvonne Okoro’s production was just a great idea.

Yvonne Okoro who broke her way into success in the movie industry with her most adored role in the movie “The Game” which she was one of the main characters alongside John Dumelo, Majid Michel and Yvonne Nelson. That movie saw the actress acting very natural and she soon became the fan of many Ghanaians including me as well. Years after, featuring in several movies both in Ghana and Nigeria, the actress formed her own production house which gave birth to her very first self produced movie “Contract” The movie received lots of great reviews from movie lovers. The characters, pictures, sound and everything was just on point.

yvonneokoro3Now months, after the beautiful actress has just launched her website for her production house, a hub where movie lovers could just watch all of her movies on the internet without having to step out of their homes. All one needs is a good internet connection and a credit card. Yipee! There are various packages for everyone and if you don’t even have a credit card, but want to watch her movies desperately, well you could let someone with one just buy you one and then with the code the person gives you, you could buy one. I have a credit card, i could help you or just go to Zenith Bank, GT Bank or UB Bank and tell them you want a Visa Card. You could request for a prepaid card, if you don’t want to save with them.







yvonneokoroWant to watch her movies especially Contract go to her website www.desamourtv.com

It’s really simple, and Ghbase.Com is hoping that they will add other payment systems like mobile money and Mpower payments, so people don’t get restricted. Ghbase, will monitor the system and bring you a review soon. Go Yvonne Okoro, let’s NetFlix!

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