Yvonne Okoro Cries For A Husband, Says She Is Over Qualified For The Men

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It’s glamorous been a celebrity and it gets even more exciting when that celebrity is good at what they do and achieve success with it.
But been a celebrity is not a bed of roses as people always think. It’s hard been a celebrity, you just can’t live the normal life anymore, because people expect so much from you.

Most of our Ghanaian female celebrities lack one thing-MARRIAGE! It’s not that they don’t get men chasing them, but they just can’t find a husband.

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro is one of such celebrities who would really want to get married already but just can’t find a husband and it’s strange to realise, she just has not found one yet.

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Everyone knows she’s beautiful, adoring, hardworking, got the hips and all that every man would seek in a lady, but then it appears no man wants to marry the 31 year old actress and she is getting worried already.

The A-List actress posted on her instagram page on the May 12th “get asked always:Why am single? Am good-looking, am a good listener, am hardworking hell am domesticated and got some whips as well
My answer: am OVERQUALIFIED”

Her post on instagram
Her post on instagram

You know we always used to say it’s hard for a woman to get married after age 30 and that must have been ringing in the actress’s mind.
Two days after posting that, she posted again on Instagram “Dear Hubby…As if being single was not hard enough,Some1 will now be arguing with me that am not…i dont get them.WHY Is it their single??#lmao… (and hubby my fans always get confused with serious msgs and funny ones,ths i knw they will knw its a funny one)Yours faithfully..yvonne esi chinyere okereke okoro

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Although there is some sort of sarcasm in that post, one cannot miss out the desperation to get married wrapped around with sarcasm. Yvonne’s latest movie she’s played a main role in “Ghana Must Go” had a scene where she got married and thoughts of getting married in real life must have started striking her each time she looks at the set picture ( see that picture below)
On Set of "Ghana Must Go"So why are the men running away from her?


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Well, I cannot say this on fact, but generally men are afraid of too beautiful, hardworking and successful women and what’s worse she’s even a celebrity. Those who would want to marry her, cannot bear it seeing her been fondled and kissed in movie, and everything she does been in the news. It’s hard for a normal person to marry a celebrity, except that person is understanding enough to accept that it’s the nature of their profession.







So ye bachelors, she’s still single, searching and looking for a husband, be bold, approach her and make things happen!


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