Ghanaians Think Well To-Do Celebrities Are Prostitutes, Gold-diggers & Cocaine Dealers-Yvonne Okoro

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Actress Yvonne Okoro has said in a new interview that, Ghanaians do not value their celebrities.
Yvonne Okoro disclosed this to Berla Mundi in an interview on Ghone’s ‘Glitterati” show. The actress mentioned that, Ghanaians do not hold their ow celebrities with the utmost respect.
In Nigeria, they hold their celebrities like an egg but in Ghana that celebrity is nothing. I know some Ghanaians will be upset to hear me say this but the truth hurts sometimes.”-Yvonne Said
Yvonne Okoro also mentioned in that interview that Ghanaians have this preconceived mentality about celebrities who are well to do and label them as dealers in cocaine, gold diggers and prostitutes.
Narrating her past heart-breaking ordeal when she was spotted in a traffic by hawkers, the ‘Ghana Must Go’ producer recounted how they drew closer and after identifying her as a movie star, made a sickening comment that she (Yvonne Okoro) perhaps got her car from a cocaine business.
“I was driving when I heard hawkers say ‘come and see her car’ and you feel good but when they got closer only to find out that it’s me, one of them said, oh leave this actress she bought the car from her cocaine business. So when I hear these comments, I ask myself so it can’t be that I worked hard or blessings so it just has to be negative through out and that I feel as if that is something we (Ghanaians) have to do something about,” Yvonne Okoro narrated.
Comparing how Ghanaians and Nigerians support their celebrities, Okoro said Nigerians uphold their own with dignity but Ghanaians disdained their stars.
Yvonne Okor won the Best Actress Award in 2010 at the Ghana Movie Awards and was nominated for Africa Movie Academy Awards Best Actress twice in a row in 2011 and 2012 for her movies Pool Party and Single Six. Yvonne is also a producer and produced her first movie ‘Contract’ in 2012.
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