Zhanna D’Art: How did she die?

Zhanna D’Art was entirely committed to a raw vegan diet, which consists primarily of unprocessed, simply prepared fruits and vegetables.

According to her Instagram pictures, she ate largely local Southeast Asian fruits including durian and jackfruit. She advocated for others to only eat raw foods, followed this diet herself, and made social media videos to back up her assertions.

D’Art, who resided in Sri Lanka but is originally from Moscow, was said to have worried her friends because of her beauty. D’Art’s health was reported by a friend who said, “A few months ago in Sri Lanka, she already looked exhausted and had swollen legs…”

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Zhanna DArt Death

Zhanna DArt’s death has gone viral on the internet.  Tragically, the 39-year-old Russian vegan influencer died from malnutrition. According to accounts, D’Art’s death was caused by malnourishment. The influencer’s loved ones and family have verified that she has passed away. D’Art’s mother apparently had a “negative” attitude toward the influencer’s diet, but the model didn’t complain to her about her health.

On social media, Zhanna D’Art was a well-known raw food influencer with millions of fans on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. D’Art’s acquaintance claimed that for the last seven years, she had only consumed the big, delectable jackfruit and the spiky, mace-like durian fruit.


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