Zimbabwean Pastor Arrested Over Mugabe’s Death Prophesy

Zimbabwean Pastor, Patrick Mugadza, has been arrested for prophesying the death date of President Mugabe .

According to the prophet and Kariba Church leader, the Lord told him that 92-year old Mugabe will die on 17th of October 2017.

The controversial prophet was arrested on Monday, January 16, outside the Harare Magistrates Court. He had gone for his routine hearing on a separate charge of abusing the national flag.

Pastor Mugadza made the revelation last week in these words:

“It’s not to say that I am glad to announce this, but I am just saying it because that is what the Lord has revealed to me. It was on December 26, when I was in prayer and God said to me this coming year, in 2017, the President is dying. He told me that he is dying on October 17.

“I am not saying I am going to be killing him on October 17, so there is no way anybody can say to me what you have done is wrong. I am not going to be killing anybody, I am only saying what God told me that he is going to die.

“He is old and I think it’s time for him to go home, as simple as that … If people think Mugabe is sticking around because he wants power, then they are wrong, I believe right now the old man is serving his jail term while alive.”

Pastor Patrick Mugadza is now being charged for undermining the authority of President Mugabe who has ruled for 37 straight years and will turn 93 by next month.

Mugadza was first arrested in December 2015 for staging a one-man protest against Mugabe in Victoria Falls.

More importantly, He will not be the first to predict the death date of president Mugabe. Thus, Saviour Kasukuwere, Zanu PF political commissar has admonished clerics to desist from prophesying Mugabe’s death.


Source: answersafrica.com & BBC Africa


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