¢35million support fund not enough to rebuild Appiatse – Joyce Aryee

Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee, Chairman of the Appiatse Support Fund Committee, revealed that her committee has gathered a total of GHC 35,884,423.9 towards the repair and rehabilitation of the Appiatse Community.

Akufo-restoration Addo’s project at Appiatse, she said, would not be completed if the reported sum, which includes corporate and patriotic contributions, was not adequate.

“Despite this, we are far from having adequate finances. Because the damage to Appiatse Township is immense, and the funds received so far will not suffice.”

For additional information about the Appiatse Support Fund Committee, please visit their website at www.appiatsefund.org. Dr. Joyce Aryee gave this statement at a press briefing on Monday, April 4, 2022.

She further said that the funds received do not include the $5 million fine that Maxam Company was ordered to pay into the fund by the Minerals Commission.

A list of Corporate Institutions and Patriotic Individuals who have given both in cash and in-kind to the fund will be made available to the Press and the general public at a later date, she said.

To help the people of Appiatse, the Support Fund Committee Chairman Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee issued a heartfelt plea to everyone who have yet to give to help rebuild the town quickly and steadily.

Our hash tag: “obiara entuabi” will help us make this initiative a reality.

She hoped that every means would be used to provide the Reconstruction Implementation Team with the funding needed to build an energy-efficient, eco-friendly community.

Donations may be made in the name of APPIATSE SUPPORT FUND at GCB Bank account number 1011130036123 or Stanbic Bank account number 9040009974967.

To help Appiatse get back on its feet, she pledged to cooperate with the Reconstruction Implementation Committee and her staff.

This was described by the Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, who also chairs the Appiatse Reconstruction Implementation Team, who joined the ASF for the briefing.

He appealed to Ghanaians through the media to be patient while they compiled an inventory to determine the cost of reconstruction.

As a result, Mr. Blankson Hermans, an Appiatse Reconstruction Implementation Team member and GIA representative, provided an overview of the work done thus far.

“We’ve produced a land use plan that was prepared by the Land Use and Spatial Planning Authority. It provides the foundation for the design of the community’s housing and commercial facilities.”

The root runs through the main town and out of it, we have to rebuild roughly 120 of 126 bedroom dwellings. To start with the road networks by the end of April, we aim to reach that deadline,” he said.



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