My husband is accusing me of cheating because I shaved the hair on my vajayjay – Married woman shares wahala

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A lady is worried that her husband is reading meanings into something trivial that is on the verge of causing friction in her marriage.

In a message addressed to a marriage expert who plies his trade online, the woman said her husband thinks she is cheating on him just because she has shaved her pubic hair.

According to the lady, she has not cheated on her husband before and the main reason she got rid of the hair was that she was feeling uncomfortable being bushy down there.

She posted;

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“My husband is accusing me of cheating just because I shaved. See hairs makes me very uncomfortable, I scratch and pinch myself but my husband loves hairs in my private parts, not just that,he likes it really long, if I trim,it’s a problem if I shave it’s a bigger problem. I have kept my hairs for him since we have been dating except when he travels or we quarrel I will shave so that before he gets back it will grow.

We have been married for 1 year now and I noticed I have started having rashes and I get very uncomfortable because the hairs is too long, so I shaved, do you know my husband came back to touch me and did not see hairs and started hitting me saying I am a cheat, he hit me so hard and pushed me out of his room slamming the door to my Face. My only crime was shaving.

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I don’t know what to do or react , the story is even some how don’t know how to be explaining it to people. He does not want to hear me out. How long do I continue like this , I hate hairs, it’s makes me uncomfortable. Is this enough to leave a marriage?”

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