10 Nollywood Actresses Who Put A Big Smile On Their Mothers’ Faces By Building Houses For Them

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There’s no joy such as having your daughter crown all the efforts you invested in her life by building a house for you. 

This is the pride of every parent and for these Nollywood actresses in this report, they knew that perfectly. They built the houses and gave them exclusively to their mothers and you can imagine the euphoria that bubbled around the beneficiaries’ emotions.

The most distinctive aspect of this report is kid star Emmanlella Samuel, who at age 10 built a house for her mother.  When the house was also fully furnished and she handed it over to her mom, she told reporters thus; 

I built this for u mom. For all the prayers, all the encouragement, and support. Mummy I know you said u want a portable house and this is it.

“But forgive me because I must complete ur mansion for you next year. Don’t worry it won’t make us go to hell my super Christmas mummy. I love you

Watch the video below for the rest of the information.


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