Saturday, December 5, 2020

10 Ways To Know You Are Dating A F**k Boy

You are dating someone and perhaps wondering if he’s for real or just some f**k boy. Well, not every boy really wants a long-term relationship with you that would eventually lead to marriage.

If you are interested in dating a much more responsible boy who would want to have a future with you, then there are some signs to look out for to know that he’s not just using you for sex.

Here are 12 Signs to know

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1.He Loves ‘Chilling’ 

Yes, when he loves to ‘chill’ a lot, then he’s a f*ck boy, don’t waste time if you are looking for long term.

2.He’s always touching you at inappropriate places in public.

Yes, when he’s always touching places he’s not supposed to be touching  even when you are in public, you should know he’s a f**k boy. Run my sister, Run.

3.He Has No Idea Where You Work.

Yes, he’s too busy thinking of when and how he would get his pen*s there, so how would he care to know where you even work or what you do.

4.He’s not accepted your friend request on Facebook or hates to comment on your posts.

Yes, another sure sign to look out for because he doesn’t want you to be stalking him all the time, seeing which posts he’s commenting on, what’s he’s saying or perhaps don’t want you to make any comments on his posts or pictures to suggest to people that you are dating.

5.He asks when you are on your period before asking to take you out or inviting you to his place.

Yeah, when you are on, he makes some excuse

6.The only time he texts you is when he wants to hook-up.

7.He Loves Doggy Style!

Yes, he’s using you for sex, and doesn’t want to have more eye contact with you

8.He’s not introduced you to his friends or family.

Yes, he’s not ready to take the relationship to the next level, so why would he even introduce you to them?

9.He Booty Calls You.

Yes, if it’s not about the sekz, he’s not really interested in calling you.

10.He wants to do it everywhere!

Yes, it can be sexy sometimes, but he always wants to have Sekz with you almost everywhere, you should start getting worried girl, he’s a certified F*ckboy!

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