‘May We Moms Never Loose A Child’-Mercy Johnson

The joy of motherhood seems to have a very strong emotional effect on for Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson.

The mother of three adorable children took to Instagram to make a rhetorical, albeit profound statement regarding how she would react if ever she lost any of her kids.

The screen goddess wrote poetically;

‘when a man loses his wife, he is called a widower

when a woman loses her husband,

she is called a widow
what do u call a mother who loses her child?
no one can quantify the pain let alone give it a name
I don’t know how u feel cus I don’t even want to imagine it on myself or anyone
it hurts me to hear a child cry but today I would rather hear them cry than silenced forever.
May we moms never loose a child IJN .
good Morning Fnds’

Anyway millions of women worldwide will truly echo her sentiments because of the traditional inexplicable bond between mothers and their children.

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