Some Of Our Celebrities Live A Fake Life On Social Media-Shirley Frimpong Manso

If you are a Social media lover, you would come across several posts of people flaunting flashy lifestyles, perfect relationships, wealth and you sometimes wonder, what it is that you are doing wrong-But what you don’t know is that, most of the things people put out there are FAKE and Filmmaker, Shirley Frimpong Manso is also of this view as she’s mentioned in an interview on Joy FM that, even most of our celebrities are living FAKE lives on Social media.

Shirley said in that interview that, a lot of the glamour put out there on Social media by celebrities are not glamorous in real life as they make it appear.

“It is not as glamorous as it seems so a lot of you out there sitting around and watching all these videos on social media with people standing by some cars and driving these flashy cars; it is not that glamorous, trust me.” she told Lexis Bill.

“Some of them [flashy things] have not been paid for,”

Shirley is close to these celebrities as she works with most of them, so we know for a fact that, what she’s saying is the truth. She also added that it’s all part of showbiz. You’ve got to show off to create a certain impression.

“…If you stay on social media too long, you will properly kill yourself. It is not that glamorous… Showbiz means that you properly need to make a showy.” she added.

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